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Workout Routine - Glutes & Legs

Finally, I get to share with you ladies a few of my favorite exercises for the glutes and legs! I prefer to incorporate certain moves into my routine that will target specific areas as well as give the rest of my body a workout... killing two birds with one stone type of deal... Make sure to include little bits of cardio into your routine to help achieve that long/lean/feminine look we all want. These moves are a little bit more intense and your whole body should be feeling these later! Don't forget to always stretch before and after and DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!

1. Donkey Kicks: 

25 Reps - (These are killer for working your glutes as well as strengthening your core and toning your arms)

*Start on all fours. Make sure your hands are directly under your shoulders. Slowly raise your leg behind and then pulse your flexed foot toward the sky by squeezing your glutes. Your back should always remain still in a neutral spine. Make sure the motions are small and controlled, letting your muscle do all the work, not the momentum.*

2. Jump Squats :

25 Reps - (If you are looking to get that brazilian booty these are your new best friend)

*Jump as high as you can and then go straight into a seated position (squat), hold for 3 seconds, and repeat... Once you've completed 25 reps, squat and hold for 1 minute.*

3. Side Shaper: 

25 Reps - (Great for toning thigh, glutes and abs)

*Start with your hips stacked (side plank position) then raise you leg. Bring it back down and lower. Do 5 repetitions on each side and repeat until you've done 25 reps on each side.*

* I have to use both my arms to support myself for this one due to an old shoulder injury but the correct way is to support yourself with one arm while resting the opposite arm at your side.*

2 minute break. REPEAT 5 TIMES!

Shorts and Sports Bra - LuluLemon | Shoes - Nike | Headphones - FRENDS

Photos by Franck Berthuot | @frankiebees

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