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My Travel Workout

My Travel Workout

Ok ladies, my favorite workout routine is finally here! After quite a few requests, I thought I'd share with you all the workouts I like to do when I'm on the road. You can do these routines from home, in a hotel room and or gym. It was vital for me to find certain workout plans that I could do from almost anywhere (with and without weights) as I travel quite often. So my trainer introduced me to TRX bands, and they've been life changing for me. When you're in a different city ever couple of days, it can be difficult to find time to hit the gym and get a proper workout but with these lightweight bands, I can literally take them anywhere and complete a full body workout no matter where I am. I just attach them to a door and I'm set.. The trick is that you use your own body weight in place of equipment you may have needed before.

Also, I've included a few exercises at the end (without the TRX bands) that are my go to's at the gym. Sometimes I'll incorporate these into my TRX workout as well. 

 I can typically get through this routine in 45 minutes but feel free to shorten or lengthen it as you prefer.. Also, the descriptions may not be by the book.. This is just how I like to refer to them.. (Remember I am not a personal trainer haha).


Single Leg Squats : 15x each leg | 3 Reps

Start in standing position with one leg extended out.

Sit back into a seated position, keeping leg extended. Push back to standing. Alternate legs. 15x each.

Under Arm Split Leg - Hop & Tuck:  15x each leg | 3 Reps

Place the handles under your arms, step/squat back and then jump forward and tuck your knee.

Continue the rocking/ jumping motion until you've completed 15 then switch legs! Your booty will thank you later!

Single Leg Balance Squat with Kick Back: 15x each leg | 3 Reps

Balance is key with this move. It took me a while to be able to do these without the support of a bar or broom. If you need help balancing don't be afraid to grab on to something.


This move really helps stabilize your core as well as build muscle in your legs!


The Chair Sit Pullup: 15x | 3 Reps

Act like your sitting down in a chair and then pull yourself back up while squeezing those shoulder blades together.

Make sure to watch your posture and continue to keep knees bent when you come back up. Let the arms do all the work.

Bar & Band Pushups: 15x | 3 reps

Slide a broom or any kind of bar through your TRX handles for push-ups. These will sneak up on you so take it slow.. Make sure to keep the hands wide. The bar is unstable so these really make you use your arms and core to stabilize.



Slide your TRX bands down to the lowest point.

Plank Mountain Climbers: 15x each side | 3 Reps

Slide toes through handles and start in plank position. Make sure your back is completely straight and not arched.

Pull knees in to meet right elbow. Extend back out to plank position then bring back in to opposite elbow. 15x each side.

And there's my favorite TRX workout! Like I said, go at your own pace and feel free to do less reps if you need to. It's always better to build up slowly then push yourself too hard. And don't forget to HYDRATE!!! My go to hydration drink is the Suja Probiotic water.




Bosu Push-ups: 15x | 3 Reps

The bosu ball should be your new best friend in the gym. You can make any easy exercises more challenging by adding it in.

It forces you to balance by stabilizing your core while activatng more of those muscle groups.


Pike and Plank: 15x | 3 Reps

Start in plank position with your shins on medicine ball.

Roll up and pull glutes to ceiling. Make sure to keep abs activated through entire movement.

Good ol' Bicycles: 15x | 3 Reps or 1 minute | 3 Reps

Lay down on back. Pull opposite elbow to opposite knee.

Repeat other side. Continue fluid movements. 15x each side or for one full minute.


Weighted Ball Slams: 15x | 3 Reps

This is my favorite leg/abs/arms workout. Using a weighted ball, reach up with hands above head, and in one quick squating motion, slam the ball to the ground with all your strength. Make sure your knees don't pass your toes!

The ball won't bounce back up very high so it might take you a few try's to catch it. Once you do, continue this movement as fast/strong as you possibly can for 15x. Great way to relieve stress too! ;)


Bosu Ball Squats: 15x | 3 Reps

Because every woman should be doing squats for a nice/round booty.

Again, the bosu ball just makes your average squat that much more challenging and effective by forcing you to use that core to balance.

Kettle Bell Swing: 15x | 3 Reps

Start in standing positing, then squat down and spring back up pushing through your legs.

Let the kettle bell swing up and fall back down as you return to squating position then repeat. Keep the same momentum as the kettle bell by pushing through those legs.

That's it for now! I hope you all enjoy these workouts and the results! Any questions feel free to comment below! Xo

Workout Bands - TRX // Sports Bra - Alo Yoga //  Pants - Alo Yoga // Shoes - Nike


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